Lawson Doyle


Hailing from Brisbane’s thriving independent music scene, Lawson has been slinging catchy melodies and electric riffs at almost every local venue over the past 3 years.

He currently fronts the independent local blues-heavy rock & roll band Port Royal, since their inception in late 2014. Together Port Royal have toured every major city in the country backing numerous independent releases and as a result have seen success in the form of national radio play, festival slots and support opportunities.

Lawson also maintains a passionate career as a soloist on the side to help nurture and develop his performance and songwriting skills. Lawson’s influences describe him as a love child of the golden era of rock & roll, and range from a wide selection of 50’s rock such as Elvis and Chuck Berry, carry through the high energy bravado of the 60’s & 70’s (Rolling Stones, Doors, Beatles) through to recent indie pop sensations such as The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.

His live shows are packed with energy and passion and deliver a strong commitment to audience engagement and excitability.



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