Equipment Hire


Price for each system includes appropriate cables and stands plus one microphone.


4 Channel 150w mixer with matched speakers.  All cables supplied.  Ready to plug and play.  Suits small functions and solo/duo gigs.

$80 overnight.


This system will rattle the windows and annoy the neighbors. With dual amps and thumping 500w Yamaha speakers, just add some fold backs/wedges and you can run a gig for your band.  Comes with leads, stands and one microphone.

$120 overnight.


1000w System

This Yamaha 500w a side system will meet all of your needs.  High quality crystal clear sound!!  Comes with leads, stands, and one microphone.

$160 overnight.



Solo artist rig.

Comes complete with appropriate stands, leads, and one microphone.

$100 overnight.



(Optional extras)

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